The rooftop of Paradise Relais Villa Jantò - a window to the sea

The most impressive part of our house is undoubtedly our roof terrace with its incredible view of the Gulf of Naples.

Imagine a sunset over the sea, a magical atmosphere and a cool drink to enjoy with a view of a stunning panorama from Vesuvius to the horizon: this is what you can expect to find every evening on the roof terrace of Paradise Relais Villa Jantò.


It is an enchanting place with a truly breathtaking view, where the green of the mountains meets the blue of the sea and where you can relax at any time of the day.


From breakfast in the warm morning sun to the evening aperitif with the spectacle of the sunset, the panoramic roof terrace of the Paradise Relais Villa Jantò is surely the perfect place for unforgettable moments - and a place of longing once you are back home.

Rooftops guarantee a very special kind of nightlife all over the world: they are ideal meeting places for people who simply want to enjoy life. For everyone who wishes to escape the noise of the city and take a break. For everyone who is tired of the conventional, soulless aperitifs that are all too common these days. For everyone who is looking for a place with a magical atmosphere where you can spend a relaxed and at the same time unforgettably wonderful evening.


The roof terrace of Paradise Relais Villa Jantò is such a place of longing: a place full of magic where you can relax, discover new drinks on the aperitif menu or sample the delicious fare of Taverna Jantò for lunch and dinner.

Over the years, the aperitif on the rooftop of the Paradise Relais Villa Jantò has become famous all over the island and, thanks to the creativity of the Castagna family and the professionalism of their staff, it is an indispensable highlight of the summer calendar.

Great music, delectable drinks made with the best ingredients by the most proficient bartender, and friendly and attentive service combine to conjure up a perfect evening in a magnificent setting – with the sunset over the sea as the icing on the cake.



Discover the charm of a sunset aperitif with us at Paradise Relais Villa Jantò: on the roof terrace of our exclusive hotel on Ischia you will enjoy unforgettable evenings in a unique location with the most spectacular view.