The Paradise Relais Villa Jantò is the realized dream of Castagna family

Paradise Resort Villa Jantò recount 35-year-long story of the Castagna family dream

35 years have passed since the day Mr. Antonio and Mrs. Maria first opened the doors of Villa Jantò, now renamed Paradise Relais Villa Jantò, the dream realized by the Castagna family. Martina and Francesca, the daughters, today carry on the family business taking care about the dream of their parents.

Castagna is a family of hoteliers who generation after generation have shared their philosophy of hospitality. At Paradise Villa Jantò you can breathe a magical atmosphere that conveys a deep sense of serenity and allows you to relax giving you a break from the chaos of everyday life.

"We don't believe in moving to a new place and replicating the one you left behind. Where's the fun in that?"

Castagna family put effort for the traditions  taking care about the cure and prevention of Ischia island territory. For this reason, Mr. Antonio grows in the family garden all the fruit and vegetables used for the preparation of Jantò restaurant dishes. Mrs. Maria selects only natural products coming from the garden for guarantee the genuineness and the quality of the products.

For Castagna family is important that every guest of Paradise Relais Villa Jantò live an unforgettable Ischia holiday, learning the traditions of  island and discovering the most beautiful places starting from the Casamicciola harbour that can be admired from panoramic rooftop.

At Paradise Relais Villa Jantò you can relax and enjoy a pleasant stay thanks to the Castagna family  cordiality that will always be available to meet your needs. You will live the experience of an unforgettable Ischia holiday in an exclusive location completely surrounded by nature. 

From the early hours of the morning passing by the avenue that leads to the pool, you can already find her in 100 busy chores, she will surely have already prepared breakfast and probably have already thought about what to cook for lunch.

Maria Castagna


The first thing you will meet at Taverna Jantò will probably be his smile, true and contagious!

Francesca Castagna


He inherited the devotion to hospitality and customer care from his parents.

Martina Castagna


The Jantò brand grows with him and thanks to the commitment that has distinguished it from 1983 to today, with the support of Mrs. Maria, an inexorable source of energy.

Antonio Castagna