Taverna Jantò – our restaurant at Paradise Relais Villa Jantò

Our Taverna Jantò will charm you not only with a truly spectacular view, but above all with the quality and creativity of genuine Ischitan cuisine. We reinterpret the classics and use only the best ingredients from the garden and the sea directly on the table - "a km zero", as we say in Italian.

The Paradise Relais Villa Jantò has its own restaurant, the Taverna Jantò. An insiders’ tip for all lovers of the traditional cuisine of the Isle of Ischia, both for locals and guests from Naples and all over the world.



The aim of our passionate kitchen team is to conquer and delight your palate with great food. At Taverna Jantò you will have the opportunity to taste the typical dishes of Ischitian cuisine, which we reinterpret in a modern way without changing the original taste.

The cuisine of our island is very special and has a long tradition that goes back to the Greco-Roman period. Over the centuries, Napoletan cuisine and the influence of different cultures have evolved into a culinary tradition all of its own. Each of our delicious meals is made freshly for you with the utmost care, from the preparation to the presentation of the plate directly at your stylishly decorated table.

The Castagna family tradition is found in every single dish prepared by our kitchen team with professionalism, passion and creativity. Taverna Jantò serves its guests the authentic flavours of the traditional cuisine of the island of Ischia, yet reinterpreted with a twist. In our restaurant you can also be sure to enjoy the typical, incomparable taste of amazingly fresh ingredients coming from "zero kilometres away", or “farm to table”.



This is because the Castagna family's private vegetable garden, the Orto Jantò, is only a short distance away from Taverna Jantò. This is where the wonderful vegetables for our restaurant are grown, which Signor Antonio has always cultivated himself, nurturing, caring for and then harvesting them with great love.  



The menu at Taverna Jantò offers a wide selection of typical dishes from the Isle of Ischia. The delightful culinary combination of mountains and sea reflects the special features of our region.

We also recommend our modern all-vegetarian and vegan dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to taste a true feast prepared from the sun-soaked fruit and vegetables from Signor Antonio's garden. You will be thrilled by the experience of their unique and genuine taste.

The attention to detail with which the Castagna family runs the entire Paradise Relais Villa Jantò is also reflected in the service of our restaurant: in the traditional spirit of southern Italian hospitality, you will be welcomed in a cosy yet stylish ambience. Our friendly and cheerful service team will serve you delicious food and drinks, and you can relax and enjoy your lunch or dinner while admiring the magnificent panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples.

Taverna Jantò will guide you through the traditions of the Castagna family with tasty fish and meat recipes. You can also enjoy desserts and ice creams handcrafted by Mrs. Maria. Let yourself be captivated by the magical atmosphere at Taverna Jantò and delight in the dishes on the menu: your perfect evening awaits at Paradise Relais Villa Jantò.

The vegetable garden

The Castagna family vegetable garden is the kingdom of Signor Antonio.

The magic of our volcanic soil, which produces the tastiest and healthiest fruit and vegetables, will be part of the culinary journey you will experience at Taverna Jantò. The vegetable garden at Taverna Jantò is cultivated according to ancient tradition without the use of any chemicals.